August 2nd, 2020

XW2DX. In 15 years we will all be DX - s!

Ниже находится текст на русском языке.

Yesterday I wrote a piece called "Laos is different!" Nature heard me and gave me a sign that I was wrong. And now for the second day in Vientiane it is pouring rain. There was a thunderstorm at night, and the sun did not come out in the morning. The gray sky touched my vertical antenna, which is made of bamboo sticks. The wet bamboo under the weight of the stretch marks bent like a bow, shooting my modest "miniwatts" into the orphaned ether. I was left in Laos alone, "all alone "!

Where are you Lao radio amateurs, which one, two, and miscalculated?

What's happening?

Imagine that an abnormal situation has occurred. All power plants in the world, all local substations that generate electricity, are out of order. The planet was left without "light". Everything stopped. Nothing works. Communications do not work, pumps for water supply do not work, gas stations do not work, refrigerators do not work ... And most importantly, telephones and the Internet do not work. This is a collapse. It's an ass! Most likely, each of us has already experienced such a state when, for some reason, the electricity was cut off for several hours. Usually, people go out into the courtyard and, together with their neighbors, begin to discuss what is happening, "wash the bones" to the neighbor, the mayor of the city, and then to the president. There is no more "OK" or "fb" - N.O.T.H.I.N.G! There is only hope that all this will soon pass and return to our usual course. It won't work. The world around us has turned upside down!

What will happen next?

Most importantly, no one knows what happened and there is no one to ask. Previously, each apartment had a wired radio and the working day began with the song “Where does the Motherland Begin”, followed by news reports. This is nothing else! Even nostalgia for those times, gradually, like an internal pain, passed over the years.

It's good that I, like millions of other people, use a gas stove, and immediately brewed coffee for myself so that, while enjoying its smell, not to think about bad things. But there has been no electricity for a whole day and night will come soon. If you do not have a gas generator in your garage, you will have to use a regular battery from the car to quickly distribute electrical wiring around the house and connect 12 volt bulbs. Wipe off dust and connect Icom-706, hook on the antenna and try to listen to the broadcast. This will be done by millions of radio amateurs who have experienced similar situations quite often. It is the radio amateurs, from the perspective of the civilian population, who are the first to provide communication during emergencies.

The apocalypse is coming!

What do you need to be prepared for?

Many wealthy people, especially in America, have already prepared by setting up underground bunkers in case of nuclear war. For the military, this infrastructure has always functioned flawlessly, and they spent part of their life, part of their service exactly there, in the bunker, where there are all the necessary communications.

It may seem strange why I have touched on this particular topic - the theme of the apocalypse. I don’t exaggerate. We, radio amateurs, are getting smaller and smaller every year. In 15 years there will be very few of us. We will all, for each other, become DX-s! In 5 years, humanity is waiting for a technological breakthrough and radio communication, as such, will become a thing of the past. We are all used to living in civilization. We are used to infrastructure. None of us can even think that we will have to run to an abandoned toilet, made of planks, and blown by a howling wind, because there is no water in the toilet, because there is no light, because no one understands that happens and there is no one to ask about it!

In Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Africa - until now, millions of people have been living in similar conditions for the last hundred years. They live, enjoy life, give birth to children, and do not know at what level of development people in other countries are. They do not have a wired radio in which the song "Where the Motherland Begins" sounds in the morning. There is not even an ordinary light bulb in their cardboard house covered with palm leaves. They don't know that some people have underground bunkers in case of nuclear war.

Yes, and why should they think about it?

They are happy because they don't know that when the electricity goes out, life stops indefinitely!

We are accustomed to civilization, we have accustomed our children to technological toys. Phones have replaced books, games, live communication. We isolated ourselves from the world around us. The world around us is beautiful! Better to see once! Just in Laos, I saw it with my own eyes. The conditions in which most of the population lives are in nature, in harmony with their understanding of their own development. People still cook on coals and sleep on the floor. But every kid has a mobile phone in his hands as a toy. Gadgets have captured and control the minds of children, the minds of people. Gadgets have replaced live communication with the outside world.

Today, every sane person decides for himself whether he wants to go further, in step with techno-civilization, or stay in his world, stay in his time.

To be continued

Через 15 лет мы все будет ДХ–сами!

Вчера я написал материал под названием «В Лаосе всё по-другому»! Природа услышала меня и дала мне знак, что я ошибаюсь. И вот уже второй день во Вьентьяне идёт проливной дождь. Ночью была гроза, а утром не выглянуло солнце. Серое небо коснулось моей вертикальной антенны, которая сделана из бамбуковых палок. Мокрый бамбук под тяжестью растяжек согнулся, словно лук, выстреливая мои скромные «миниваты» в осиротевший эфир. Я остался в Лаосе один, «савсэм одын»!

Где же вы лаосские радиолюбители, которых раз, два и обчёлся?!

Что происходит?

Представьте себе, что произошла внештатная ситуация. Все электрические станции мира, все местные подстанции, вырабатывающие электроэнергию, вышли из строя. Планета осталась без «света». Всё остановилось. Ничего не работает. Не работают коммуникации, не работают насосы для подачи воды, не работают бензоколонки, не работают холодильники... А главное, что не работают телефоны и интернет. Это коллапс. Это жопа! Скорее всего, каждый из нас уже испытывал такое состояние, когда по каким-то причинам отключали электричество на несколько часов. Обычно, люди выходят во двор и вместе с соседями начинают обсуждать происходящее, «мыть косточки» соседу, мэру города, а потом и президенту. Нет больше ни «ОК», ни «fb» – Н.И.Ч.Е.Г.О! Есть только надежда, что это всё скоро пройдёт и вернётся в привычное нам русло. Это уже не пройдёт. Окружающий нас мир перевернулся!

Что будет дальше?

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