August 4th, 2020

XW2DX. Laos lives in "infinity"!

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The soul is immortal, therefore human life is priceless ...

This Buddhist philosophy is very important from the point of view of understanding all the processes taking place, both inside Laos and in the surrounding world.

How quickly decisions are made at certain points, and what factors influence this process?

It is with these questions that you come across when you cannot understand why the movement towards your own development is at the level of the speed of movement of the snail. For example, in Montenegro, making a decision is often postponed until tomorrow, because it takes time to make a decision to think it over. It is for this that Montenegrins are called lazy, although this is not so. Laziness cannot be called the thought process of analyzing a situation. It is the delayed decision making that can least of all harm the work, avoid unforeseen losses and risks. It often happens that it is during this delayed period that the correct solution to a given task or problem comes. In this I completely agree with the Montenegrins. Therefore, the word "tomorrow" does not mean that this will never happen! It literally means that you need to think carefully.

There are no unresolved problems in Laos. In Laos, every day, at meetings and planning meetings, tasks are set that are prescribed in all documents by the leading Lao People's Revolutionary Party. It is they who govern the strategy for the development of society and the state. I remember our Soviet Union well. Every morning we had a planning meeting. The workers were reminded of the goals and objectives of the movement towards developed socialism and communism.

Well, was that bad?

Imagine - a mother of two small children, schoolchildren. Waking up at 6.00 in the morning, she had to: take off her dry clothes, cook breakfast, prepare clothes, socks, wipe shoes for schoolchildren. Prepare clothes for her husband, a tie, a list of things to buy after work ... Wake up, wash, dress, feed and send the children to school. Feed your husband and send him to work. Then, dress yourself, comb your hair, put on makeup, “grab” something on the move, and run out of the house “like a bullet”. Run to the bus stop. Squeeze into a crowded, like her, bus, remembering on the go what she missed to do. Crumpled and sweaty, pushing others around with her elbows, jump out of the bus, run to the checkpoint of the plant so as not to be late and not get another reprimand. And, only after passing the checkpoint of the plant, exhale, and entering the shop, begin to recover from the cycle of everyday events. This example is memories from my childhood.

Well, how can such a worker immediately remember what he needs to do in the workplace, and what are the plans of the party and the government for this day, on the path of movement towards developed socialism?

Life was different. Of course, we all went through these situations to some extent. The understanding of the general process of the cycle of events was imprinted in the memory. We were all in a hurry to live and there was not enough time for everything. Often, the rush itself did not lead to the desired result. Here, in Laos, some decisions are made, it seems to me, at a philosophical level. The time for making decisions is not limited by the time itself ... That is, a Montenegrin need only 1-2 days to make a decision, while a Lao needs 20 days or more.

I still can't figure out why?

Apparently, I had to be born in Laos to understand this!

  We have a different frame of reference with them. Different system of world order. Different history and religion. Going back to the beginning of this post. We all try to do something in our short life, so the time for making decisions, most often, is limited. It is impossible to endlessly ponder and grind some questions that tomorrow will lose their meaning and relevance.

Laos lives exponentially, that is, in infinity. There is such a mathematical component. Therefore, the expression: "Time is money" - does not make any sense here!

To be continued.

Лаос живёт в "бесконечности"!

Душа бессмертна, поэтому человеческая жизнь бесценна...

Эта буддийская философия очень важна с точки зрения понимая всех процессов, происходящих, как внутри Лаоса, так и в окружающем мире.

Насколько быстро происходит принятие решений в опеределенные моменты, и какие факторы влияют на этот процесс?

Именно с этими вопросами сталкиваешься, когда не можешь понять, почему движение в сторону собственного развития идет на уровне скорости движения улитки. Например, в Черногории, принятие решения чаще всего переносится на «завтра», потому что для принятия решения необходимо время, чтобы всё хорошенько обдумать. Именно за это черногорцев называют ленивыми, хотя это не так. Ленью нельзя называть мыслительный процесс анализа ситуации. Именно отложенное принятие решения может меньше всего навредить работе, избежать непредвиденных убытков и рисков. Часто так бывает, что именно в этот отсроченный период приходит правильное решение на поставленную задачу или проблемму. В этом я полностью согласен с черногорцами. Поэтому слово «сУтра» — не означает, что этого не произойдёт никогда! Оно дословно означает, что нужно хорошенько подумать.

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