August 8th, 2020

XW2DX. How is black coffee related to my hobby for radio?

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How is black coffee related to my hobby for radio?

Every morning, before turning on the transceiver and hearing the sound of the air, I brew myself a large cup of Lao black coffee. The unique smell and its amazing taste give me a sense of joy and enjoyment of life. Earlier, in the Balkans, together with a cup of coffee, I could afford to smoke one cigarette. What can't you do for your own pleasure! It is always very hot in Laos, so this habit has disappeared by itself.

What did I know about Lao coffee?


I remember my student years well. Usually, preparing for exams, you re-read the material you have passed for several days and nights. It was then that I first tried instant coffee. During the Soviet era, we had no choice of coffee. Perhaps there was green ground coffee that needed to be roasted. I do not remember! My parents and we drank tea as children. Therefore, we did not know the taste of real coffee. Then, for some reason, it seemed to me that this soluble poison was destroying my liver and I stopped drinking it.

Having lived for some time in the Balkans, I got into the habit of drinking Turkish coffee.

Why was it called that?

This ground, roasted coffee was brewed in a metal turkey with a narrowed neck. All the Balkan peoples call this coffee "turska kafa". Coming to Sarajevo, I always drank several cups of aromatic coffee. Enjoyed the Turkish bazaar at Bar Charshiya. I walked the streets of the Old City of Sarajevo. It was there that I first saw how real, insoluble coffee was roasted and prepared. The smell of coffee cannot be compared or confused with anything. In any Balkan organization, wherever you go, it is good practice to treat the person to a cup of instant coffee. And if you are visiting or on a holiday, then coffee and rakia are the main ingredients for meeting guests.

Working at one time in the United Arab Emirates, my partners and I went to a camel farm in Oman. I remember the Bedouins made us coffee with the addition of ginger and cardamom. It was a yellow drink with a particularly pleasant taste. These drinks are served to guests as a sign of respect.

We used to think all the time that coffee only grows in Brazil. But once in Laos, I wanted to deeply study this issue. Primary sources indicate that the first to know and use coffee were Ethiopians. They were the ones who learned how to make coffee drinks.

More than 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every year. The largest coffee lovers, in terms of its consumption per capita per year, are the Nordic countries: Finland, Norway, Iceland.

Growth in coffee consumption in developing countries is the main driver of price increases. The economic crisis has increased the demand for coffee in exporting countries by 40%. According to the International Coffee Organization, in 2019, global coffee production increased by 10%. During the onset of the global crisis, people began to drink more coffee.

Laos is one of the places on the planet where coffee is not only grown but also enjoyed with pleasure. I tasted all brands of local producers. Excellent taste and smell. Holding coffee beans in your palm, you feel the power of nature, which she gives to everyone who wants to feel the taste for life.

Last year, even before the outbreak of the virus pandemic, my friend Viengsay and I went to a business meeting in the South of Laos in the city of Pakse. This is the world famous highland plateau of Bolaven on the border with Thailand and Cambodia. Beautiful nature. Amazing people. Alpine climate. The pine-scented air reminded me of Herzegovina, which I love very much. We visited several coffee plantations. We drank coffee. We went on an excursion to the waterfalls. We were at a business meeting at one of the largest factories "Dao" for the processing of coffee and the production of various coffee products. We visited the world famous historical complex Wat Phu. There is a dilapidated Khmer temple. UNESCO has added this place to the list of protected World Cultural Heritage sites.

I brought coffee samples and coffee plants with me to Vientiane. During this year, my coffee has grown by half a meter and makes me happy every day. I guess I'll come back to Pakse someday. I want to stay there and live forever! There are no radio amateurs in Pakse. Maybe I will be the only DX who will represent coffee Laos.

Coffee is not just a business. Coffee is love! Coffee is Southern Laos!

I am preparing a small material about interesting places in Laos, which we have already visited.

To be continued.

Как чёрный кофе связан с увлечением радио?

Каждое утро, перед тем как включить трансивер и услышать звуки эфира, я варю себе большую чашку лаосского черного кофе. Неповторимый запах и его удивительный вкус придают мне ощущение радости и наслаждения жизнью. Раньше, на Балканах, вместе с чашкой кофе я мог позволить себе выкурить одну сигарету. Что не сделаешь ради собственного удовольствия! В Лаосе очень жарко, поэтому эта привычка отпала сама собой. 

Что я знал о лаосском кофе?


Я хорошо помню свои студенческие годы. Обычно, готовясь к экзаменам, несколько дней и ночей перечитываешь пройденный материал. Именно тогда я впервые попробовал растворимый кофе. Во времена Советского Союза у нас не было никакого выбора кофе. Возможно, был зеленый немолотый кофе, который нужно было обжаривать. Я не помню! Мои родители и мы в детстве пили чай. Поэтому мы и не знали вкуса настоящего кофе. Потом уже, мне почему-то казалось, что эта растворимая отрава разрушает мою печень и я перестал его пить.

Прожив какое-то время на Балканах появилась привычка пить турецкий нерастворимый кофе.

Почему его так называли?

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