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XW2DX. It's different in Laos.

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A squall wind and an impending thunderstorm sweep away everything in its path, raising columns of dust, debris and dry leaves. Packages, like paratroopers, soar upward and disappear in the arms of the blue sky. If the storm has caught you off guard, then it is better to have time to find a secluded spot. This "tsunami" of the oncoming torrential rain will not leave you dry.

I've always loved the storm! This natural strength inspired me and made me be careful. Be prepared for unpredictable developments.

Lao people said it was rainy season. It will rain every day, but the rains never started. We have lived in Montenegro for many years and imagine what the rainy seasons are like. This is not a pleasant time. Usually, it starts to rain in the 20th of November and ends at the end of January. For almost two and a half months, it rains incessantly. The sky is pouring out a sea of ​​water. It rains both day and night, continuously for two to three weeks. Then it calms down for a few days. The joyful sun peeps out and again precipitation with a cold snap by December. Sometimes even snow covers the ground with a white blanket and melts quickly. By the New Year and Christmas, all residents crawl to the tree, installed in the center of Herceg Novi, already drunk in the ass. People get depressed. Usually during this period undiagnosed chronic diseases emerge. Rakia, Turkish coffee and sea view, on a sunny day, is the best antidepressant.

The fungus covers the damp walls of apartments, houses, buildings. It smells damp everywhere. Cities take on a dark color. From a bird's eye view, it seems that the whole of Montenegro has turned black with moisture. Then this smell is replaced by the smell of freshness. Green shrubs release tassels of flowers, transforming cities into fragrant, colorful gardens. When the rain stops, the smells of flowers envelop the mind, and the intoxicating sensations of the multitude of iridescent rays of the sun, enter the body into a coma. The sun that came out for several days disperses the air, increasing the feeling of joy and renewal of life. It is at these moments that people feel happy. There comes a state of enjoying life with an unconscious understanding that you are somewhere. Every day the sun regains its place in the sky, and when mimosa blooms, a holiday begins in Montenegro! Spring Festival! Mimosa holiday! A holiday of life!

It's different in Laos.

 Going outside during the day for a few minutes, the whole body is covered with sweat. It flows down in streams. You have to change 2-3 shirts per day. The state is such that it is as if you are entering a steam room. I left the house for a few minutes, steamed, "washed" then and again home, under the conditioner. All this year of our life in Laos, it is in this state that we arrive.

All government and commercial institutions use air conditioners. Air conditioners are everywhere. Air conditioning service is a good, profitable, well-established business. But most of the population cannot afford to have an air conditioner, as it cannot afford it. Expensive electricity. And not every Lao family can shell out $ 100-150 a month for air conditioning alone. Therefore, ordinary fans are common in Laos. They are everywhere. Fans push air from corner to corner, thereby creating an oxygen flow that is not enough during the scorching heat. For centuries, Lao people have adapted to live in such conditions and this does not bother them too much.

When it starts raining, everyone is happy! We also enjoy the rain! Rain is salvation from the brightly scorching sun. Rain is a long-awaited coolness and good mood for the future!

Life goes on! It's only the beginning...

To be continued.

В Лаосе всё по-другому.

Шквальный ветер и надвигающаяся гроза сметают всё на своем пути, поднимая столбы пыли, мусора и сухих листьев. Пакеты, словно парашютисты, взвиваются вверх и пропадают в объятиях  голубого неба. Если буря застала тебя врасплох, то лучше успеть найти укромное местечко. Это «цунами» из надвигающегося проливного дождя не оставит на тебе сухого места.

Я всегда любил бурю! Эта природная сила вдохновляла меня и заставляла быть осмотрительным. Быть готовым к непредсказуемому развитию событий.

Лаосцы сказали, что наступил сезон дождей. Дожди будут идти каждый день, но дожди так и не начались. Мы много лет жили в Черногории и представляем себе, какими бывают сезоны дождей. Это время не из приятных. Обычно, в 20-х числах ноября начинает лить дождь и в конце января заканчивается. Почти два с половиной месяца дожди идут не переставая. Небо изливает море воды. Дождь льет и днём, и ночью, на протяжении двух-трех недель беспрерывно. Потом затихает на несколько дней. Выглядывает радостное солнце и опять осадки с похолоданием к декабрю. Иногда даже снег покрывает землю белым покрывалом и быстро тает. К Новому году и Рождеству все жители приползают к ёлке, установленной в центре города Герцег Нови, уже в жопу пьяные. У людей начинается депрессия. Обычно в этот период всплывают недиагностированные, хронические заболевания. Ракия, турска кафа и вид на море, в один из солнечных дней – это лучший антидепрессант.

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